The French press coffee maker is a fantastic thing — it is affordable, fairly user friendly, and it ends up excellent coffee.

The history of this French media goes back several decades, but there’s a dispute surrounding exactly who devised the layout that many models are based on now with a carafe and plunger mechanism.

The catch is, Callimani was not even French, that had been an Italian from Milan.

So Why the Name “French Press”?

Many state that the individual who really produce all the French press was a guy from France who attached a nice display to his coffee pot so he would not get reasons in his cup when he poured.

This guy’s device began being used around France from the 1800s, and saying finally got around to other nations about his thought.

The French media was just one of eight patents which Callimani secured associated with creating beverages.

Fast forward to 1958, and the other guy named Faleiro Bondanini created a better variant of the French media which had a much better filter and was more capable of keeping grounds from their poured coffee.

While looking for a company that he could utilize to disperse his creation, he picked the brand new corporation Bodum. Yes, even the Bodum that so a lot of individuals now know and trust while buying French presses.??

Regardless of who actually produce the idea first, what could be agreed upon is that the French media has changed very little from when it was last revived.

Some businesses create them in stainless steel or stoneware rather than glass, many make media pots offered in a number of colours, as well as the manage shapes frequently vary.

On the other hand, the basic configuration is that: a pot or carafe, plunger having a high attached which eases pouring, along with a mesh screen filter at the bottom to keep outside reasons.??

The French Press Today

Nowadays many state that the best French press coffee maker is the kind that is included of borosilicate glass since it’s highly durable, cheap, and dependable.

Especially because it is ideal to pour any remaining coffee from the pot once it is done brewing, hardy glass versions get the work done nicely.

There is tons of great things to be said regarding stainless steel versions, however they tend to cost a whole lot more than those with glass carafes.??

Whichever type you would like, with a French press is superior to using electrical coffee makers along with other methods due to the unbelievable quality of coffee that it produces.

It is easy, easy, and also for this impressive flavor you do not need to invest in much effort in any respect. That is the reason millions around the globe still prefer using the French press over the rest of the techniques.??